Sengled bulbs spontaneously reported as on when still off

I have two Sengled Element Color Plus (aka “Smart LED Multicolor”) A19 bulbs. Each is installed in a lamp and paired to a v3 SmartThings hub as a “ZigBee RGBW Bulb”. I use Alexa for voice control.

Sometimes one or both of the bulbs fail to turn on when requested. I found that when that happens SmartThings thinks the bulb is already on, so Alexa . If I turn the bulb off (via Alexa or the SmartThings app), then I’m able to control it again. The state is re-synchronoized.

I’ve also noticed that these bulbs typically record two “on” events when turned on and two “off” events when turned off. But when they spontaneously report “on” without actually illuminating there is a single “on” event recorded in their history.

Anybody else seen this and/or know what to do about it?

One of my 21 Sengled bulbs does this with Alexa and Google. Sometimes killing power to it and turning it back on to power will fix the issue for a few days or weeks. Nothing has been a permanent fix yet.

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