Alexa Routines & Simulated Contact Sensors stopped working (17 April 2020)

If anyone has noticed SmartThings launched a new skill on Amazon Alexa late last night. Originally you could use a simulated contact sensor to trigger a routine in the Alexa app so you can control things that dont have native SmartThings support but Alexa support. During this new update this control has basically been broken. You can still set a contact sensor as a trigger, but Alexa will no longer actually trigger the routine.

This has resulted in the loss of control for a few of my devices.

Has anyone else experienced or noticed this issue?


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Edit: I see now that I’m using the SmartThings Classic skill, not the new SmartThings skill. Since I don’t have a Samsung TV or smart vacuum, it doesn’t sound like there’s a good reason for me to switch…

I use virtual contact sensors to trigger Alexa routines with door open / door closed announcements (so I can disable them when we bring a sleeping kid in from the car). They’re still working fine.

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I have set up a virtual switch, bur I am now curious to set up a simulated contact sensor. I’m new to ST (thankfully left Wink) and would appreciate any guidance. Thanks.

You should be able to follow the instructions in the community FAQ. The warning shouldn’t apply to you since you never used the old skill.

(The topic title is a clickable link.)