Alexa Routine glitch... not ST issue

I have a good night Alexa routine that seemed to stop working around the same time the ST hub update went out. I thought it might be related to my ST virtual switch that I was triggering from the routine. However, it looks like something changed with Alexa. It was the task in my routine where I told it to have Alexa wish me a good night. Any tasks in the routine after that one failed to run. It was never an issue before. I even tried creating a new routine but it still had the same issue. I had to make the goodnight wish the last step in the routine in order for all the tasks to run.

I created the same thing recently. Once I had set up an announcement the app wouldn’t let me add any more steps. Must be an Alexa ‘enhancement’…

Well, I tried my “modified” good night routine tonight and it still had a glitch. It looks like it won’t run any of the steps that come after a command to play music either. This was all working a few days ago. I had a routine that said good night and played my sirius xm station. Now either of those commands aborts any steps that come after.

Sounds like a question for Alexa support. I have generally found them very helpful.

Open the Alexa app, choose the Menu icon in the lower right, then the help option on the left.