Alexa "Good Night" automation (to turn off all the lights) no longer working

I’ve had a “Good Night” automation to turn off all lights and lock door set up in Smartthings, which was synced with Alexa. All I had to do was say Alexa Good Night and it would turn off lights and lock the door.
For some reason, when I re-created all of my automations and devices, Alexa is no longer executing “Good Night” routine. However, if I simply rename “Good Night” automation into “Turn All Lights Off” Alexa turns off all the lights no problem. What changed in Alexa? Is Good Night a reserved word with Alexa?

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Does she give you an error or anything? My understanding is that routines with locks and SHM activities aren’t allowed to be triggered by Alexa at all, so i’m surprised it worked in the first place.

True, I noticed that Alexa no longer supports lock, but I swear only about a year ago when i first created “Good Night” routine, I had a lock in that automation and it worked perfectly. When I created a new Good Night routine, I noticed the message in the Amazon app that lock is not supported, so I took it out of the automation. Still, when I name automation “Good Night” it is not doing anything and not giving me any errors. As soon as I rename the same automation to “Turn all lights off” it works just fine.

I do the same thing. It comes in handy.

I created a virtual momentary switch called “Set Goodnight”.

Then, I created a second “Goodnight” routine that matched my normal goodnight routine: doors lock, close the garage door if open, set the thermostat, turn off the outside lights, turn off the inside lights, dim the kitchen under cabinet and nightstand lights to 10%, set SMH to Armed Home (No motion sensors but door and window sensors are armed) and set mode to “Night” and made it trigger from that virtual switch.

In the Alexa routine, it just turns on that virtual switch when I say, “Alexa, I’m going to bed”, plus turns off my living room television through my Harmony Hub. The routine in SmartThings takes care of everything else.

To follow up with that, since I have a Dot in my bedroom, when I say, “Alexa, Good Night”, it turns off my nightstand.

My Good Night routine is the original stub Amazon included. I simply have it trigger my Lights Out scene

like you I found it wouldn’t run so long as I had a Lock in the scene

It’s still working, and has done so for a year.

Do you have any other routines called “good night” in any of your other systems that are integrated with Alexa?

One of the changes in the last 12 months is that echo now automatically picks up routines and scenes from other integrations. This might cause you to have multiple things called “good night” and lead to unpredictable results.

Just open the Alexa app and check to see what scenes and routines you have set up there.

No, not really, don’t have any other “good night” routines in Alexa

What about scenes?

as you suspect, I also think “good night” became a reserved or qualified phrase about 4-8 months ago.

Since then sometimes I can run it intermittently, but usually she objects somehow, so I avoid it. I instead let ST-timeschedule or events drive the goodnight sequence, or pick it from dashboard.

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