Calling Routines with Echo Dot Alexa

I have my ST linked to my Alexa app. The ST app has discovered the routines and I can run the routines by Saying: Alexa, turn on “Good Night” If I normally say good night to alexa it responds with default alexa response saying good night. Is there a way to avoid saying Turn On + Routine Name? Can I just say Alexa, Good Night and then have alexa respond with what it usually does plus runs the routine too?


You can get close to this user experience with Ask Alexa, a custom app that does a lot better integration than the native way.

I have taken the Ask Alexa route, and “Alexa, tell SmartThings Goodnight!” is usually the last thing I verbalize each evening (other than “Goodnight, sweetheart”, which is not directed at Alexa :slight_smile: ).

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