St Routine controlled by harmony remote

I have a bedtime routine that I run at the end of the night by telling Alexa to run it.
Problem I have is when I’m not there the wife says she never understands her lol.
So what I would like is to use one of the buttons on my harmony elite remote to run this routine. I’ve made a virtual button in st that I can press and it runs it, but I don’t seem to be able to get the remote to see it? (If that is how you do it)

I am not sure about Buttons but in order for Harmony to see ST devices, you have to run the ST Connect within the Harmony App, select the devices that you want Harmony to control, and then hope and pray that the setting stick.

This is NOT done in the ST App but under Home Control in the Harmony App.

For some reason I can’t see the virtual Switch in the harmony app

Have you explored Alexa Routines? These are different from ST Routines. Within the Alexa app, you can now create a Routine, and give it a very user friendly name. I have one called “Good night”, so a simple “Alexa, Good night” is all that is needed to run it.

An Alexa Routine can run a sequence of events, like turning off lights, executing ST routines, providing a weather report, etc… They are extremely convenient and easy to use.

If you didn’t add it originally. In the Harmany app go to devices, smartthings, then relogin to be able to add additional devices.

I have a good night, a good morning and a couple others. Really like the way they work.

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Another thing to try could be the user voice training with Alexa.

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Relogging in worked, thanks