Alexa re-adding disabled devices

HI everyone,

i have had smartthings for quite a while now along with other smart devices.
when i discover devices alexa would usually discover native device and also the same device through smartthings. for example it would pick up living room light in hue and also living room light through smartthings. UNtil recently i would just go into the alexa app and delete one (usually the smartthings things one as it seems to respond better though the original skill) but recently the devices have been reappearing in devices in alexa causing it to respond ‘there is more than one’ of something along those lines.

I would rather keep controlling it through the original skill but i cant disable the smartthings skill as it has plugs on their i still need to control. Any ideas?

Im in the UK if this makes a difference.


In the Amazon Alexa smart app in SmartThings, you can select which SmartThings devices you’d like to share with Alexa. Make sure “…all devices…” is toggled off and select the ones you want.


thank you! i could kiss you!!!


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Shoot31… is this in the CLASSIC smarthings app ? I cant seem to find this in the new connect app ?

It’s in Classic only.

That SmartApp isn’t mirrored in the NEW app.