Amazon Alexa SmartApp, where is it?

I need to prevent Alexa from discovering specific devices in ST. I have enabled the SmartThings skill in the Alexa iOS app. As expected, Alexa discovers every device I have connected to ST. I’ve read several posts that mention the “Amazon Alexa SmartApp” and the screen shots look exactly like what I need - the ability to limit which devices Alexa can discover. I’ve looked in the classic and the connect apps, but I can’t find any mention of an “Amazon Alexa SmartApp”. Where can I find it?

You can’t with the new Alexa integration. You will need to go to Athe Alexa app and disable any devices you do not want to see in Alexa.

You can try searching for the Classic SmartThings skill in Alexa.

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Thanks for that information, it’s more complicated than I thought. I’m a new user so I don’t have access to the Classic SmartThings skill. I need to hide some devices because of how ST discovers iHome stuff, but I’ll put that in a separate post.