Smartthings duplicate devices in Alexa App

So is there still no fix for the duplicate devices coming over from smartthings? with google home app i basically had to make a second home and put all my duplicate devices in the other home. What have you guys done to tidy up your app from duplicate devices? Do i basically have to delete every individual duplicate from the Alexa app now? When are they going to fix this issue. :sweat:

Disable - not delete - they will come back the next time discovery happens, and yes it’s still the case. ST Dev has said it’s coming but it’s a VERY HEAVY lift - they basically have to re-write the entire security model to make it happen. (because someone had a HUGE miss there and never expected we’d want to filter things out) I wouldn’t expect it till Fall at the earliest.

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OK so if I disable them, they will still show up in the app, but they just aren’t available for voice commands? Is that how disabling them works?

Yep - mostly… Every once in a while Alexa will still get confused. (Especially with thermostats…) But it will get you functionally what you want.


Ok, thank you. Sounds like I found my fix.


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disable and rename. add st or something. sometimes she will get confused and see the disabled one first and tell you its disable.

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