Restrict access to some devices by Alexa

In the old Alexa integration, we were able to restrict which devices were fed from SmartThings to Alexa. How do I do that with the new skill?

I have tons of duplicates showing up in Alexa because they are both part of my Hue devices and I’ve integrate those same Hue devices into SmartThings?

I can disable them in Alexa, but EVERY time there is a new discovery by an Alexa devices they show back up. This is super annoying, because Alexa won’t respond because it says there are multiple devices with the same name.

See here:

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Basically you cannot right now. Supposedly a change is coming to allow it but not before the old skill is retired next week.

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At the moment, still nothing.

A fix for this has been asked for hundreds of times over the last 5 months.

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I noticed if you delete the device in Alexa, and then put the word"test" in front, or add parenthesis, other special characters, or make the name of the device really long, she won’t find it again

It’s been a year now. Anyone heard any updates on getting this feature added back? (Disabling some devices from porting to Alexa).

For instance - Smart Life Ceiling fan control is not done well in SmartThings. No fan speed control. This is then ported to Alexa. Alexa direct to Smart Life does work though. I still need control for automations in SmartThings but don’t want it to port to Alexa. This way I can run the automations and still be able to control properly in Alexa. If I can’t disable the porting then I get duplicates and Alexa gets confused even if I disable.

We really need this feature brought back.

Also - I know Smart Life has its issues, but the ceiling fan control needs work in SmartThings.


Sadly, no.