Alexa not seeing Smartthings hub after Skill update December 2019


The Alexa android app had a ST Skill update.

Now I can not see the ST hub.
I have reset alexa(dot) still the same.

When I signed in to the skill with my Samsung account. I picked the one with 13 things.
Asked Alexa to discover new devices and nothing!

Everything was working fine
What can I do next?

Thanks in advance.

OK so I used a new echo dot and most of the devices showed up.
But not my Z-Wave Window Shade device.

I can see it on my IDE and Smartthings can control it. But for some reason Alexa won’t\can’t see this device.


Something weird about the most recent Alexa app update. :thinking:

I had to reboot my echo devices (unplug for 10 seconds, plug back in.) before they could find all of my smart home stuff. Whether it was smartthings or not.

I gone back android alexa versions but still the same.
Still can’t see my Z-Wave Window Shade device which is a zemismart curtain rail.

Looks like looking for a new z-wave and zigbee hub.

I’ve done a factory reset of alexa and deleted every device at

I add the smartthings skill and it adds all of the ST hub devices except the z-Wave one>

Anyone know if have to do some thing in my IDE?

Did that device used to work with Alexa for you?

I only set it up this week.
But yes Alexa did see it via Smartthings hub.

But now it doesn’t. I did another complete reset of Alexa.
The first I did was to add the ST hub skill( which was updated a few days ago)

I picked my home with 13 devices. But Alexa only imports 12.

I have been on my IDE to see if I can change something. But no luck.

I made a scene in ST to close the curtain.
But alexa says the device does not support it?

Anything else I can try?

The scenes work but you have to say Alexa-Start (name of scene)

Not very good. But it’s the best I can come up with.

Just in case someone is following this.

I went to my IDE and chose the curtain and then chose edit.
Under device name I changed it to switch.

Alexa does work but you have to say “Curtain on” or “curtain off” I am still messing :slight_smile:

The SmartThings skill doesn’t currently support curtain capabilities. There was something weird with the last skill update. I had to disable and re-enable it to get new devices in ST discovered.

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