After power loss, Alexa will no longer discover or control Smartthing devices at second location

Thanks for the help so much. I have been running smarthings hub and alexas at home(primary) and work for over a year. I have ecobee thermostats, phillips hues bulbs, and a all my switches are GE switches. I have had no issues for over a year. The devices that ran through the smartthings app i could control by alexa at my home/primary location, but i could not voice control at the office. I could control my home devices from the office or home.

Earlier this week I had an electrician come and install recessed lighting and a few more ge switches at my home. After power was restored, my alexa would not discover the new devices and all my switches/locks connected via smartthings showed offline. Smarthings app still controls everything just fine.

Troubleshoot steps taken:
1.recycle power
2.on alexa app, disabled smarthings skills, re enabled skills, then tried switching locations, did not work, disabled skills and went back to primary, didnt work.
3. logged onto alexa online and did forget all devices, when i did this and then discovered all the smarthings went from listed but offline to gone, they do not show anymore.
4. deleted any duplicate devices
5. open settings on my phone, Apps, Application manager, Amazon Alexa, storage then clear data, force stop Alexa and re-sign in; disable ST skills then enable ST skills

I am sure I have done more, that’s all I can think of at the moment. I just don’t know what to do to get it back just like it was. Thanks so much for taking the time to try to help me, I’m not very techy, at all, lol.

Appreciate you all,

I deleted alexa app from smarthings both locations
disabled smarthings skill on alexa
clear all cache, etc from my phone
when i logged back into alexa all my devices where there
so i enabled smartthings skill

finally back up and running

The answer is the same as the one I gave to the identical post you put in a different thread.

Smartthings does not support using more than one hub with echo, or more than one echo account with one hub.

They’ve said they would like to add that, but they posted that three years ago and The functionality hasn’t been added yet. :disappointed_relieved:

The fact that you had it working before was just luck. Echo is pretty random in which devices will be exposed when you try to start working with multiple locations. Even just adding one new device and then discovering it can cause Echo to lose track of that location. There are many threads about this in the forum, and no one has found a permanent workaround.

I’m sure you didn’t like that answer, and if someone has a different one for you, that would be great, but I’m not sure we needed a whole new duplicate thread. It’s the same question with the same answer. :disappointed_relieved:

BTW, The issue isn’t the power loss. It’s that you added new devices and then ran discovery at the first location after you’d added the second location. Once you do that, the problem that you are seeing can arise. Again, there are several existing threads on this issue in the forum, but no fixes.

Smartthings only supports a one to one correspondence between an echo account and a smartthings account. It doesn’t accurately expose multiple locations, which can give rise to this problem.


Once again, thank you, sincerely. I apologize for duplicate threads, I am a forum newbie. My thought was everyone may not see your answer to my question, and since it was an older post I thought I would make a fresh one in hopes of a miracle answer. Thank you so much for helping me out.

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One of the reasons we encourage people to look for the most current thread on the topic before posting is that when you do add a new post to an old thread, it pops back up to the top on the “latest“ filter, which is the one that most people use. So people would’ve seen your previous post even though it was being added to the end of a thread which was several years old. :sunglasses:

However, you never know. Maybe somebody has an answer. It’s just that you don’t need to ask the same question twice.

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Gotcha, thanks for the lesson and help, if you needed to buy or sell a house I could help you, lol, this stuff I just suck at

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No problem, we often say that smartthings is very powerful but not very discoverable. That tends to apply to the forum also. :wink:

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