Hub not connected

When giving a command to my hue bulbs it will run the command then alexa will say that the hub connected to that device is not responding even though it worked. Any ideas?

Are you using the Classic Alexa Skill, or the New Alexa Skill? :wink: Yes, that’s a thing now… :frowning:

Looks like i have both enabled? I’m using the new app, should I disable the classic skill?

Be very careful… If you disable the old skill, you can never get it back. I recommend you read through the thread I posted. I am not sure it is even the cause of the problem you’re having, but thought you might be interested.

OK, for some reason I couldn’t see the whole post

I wonder if the new skill is causing the problem?

Did you click on the thread that I linked above? Were you able see the entire thread?

I’d recommend you use the thread I linked to ask this question. That’s where the ST employees are monitoring issues with the new Alexa Skill.