Alexa is being stupid on one switch and I can't figure out why

I have a dining room dimmer switch that I called “Dinning Lights”, every time I asked Alexa to turn on “Dining Lights” it would first tell me that dining room does not support this action, if I ask it second time to turn on Dining Lights it would do it. For some reason it WAS ALWAYS doing it on the second attempt and not on the first one.
Ok, I thought lets change the switch name to something different, how about “Dinner lights”. I ran Alexa device search, and surely I can see “diner lights” now in the Alexa app, I can even turn those lights on and off from the app on the phone. However, when I ask Alexa to turn on “Dinner Lights”, it keeps telling me that it cannot find a device named “dinner lights”.
What the heck?

Any ideas?