Alexa acting up

Part of my set up is front door, back door which are schlage connect locks. And front door lights and back door lights. Anytime I tell Alexa to turn on/off front door lights everything goes fine. But when I say turn on/off back door lights, Alexa responds “back door doesn’t support that”. This is the ONLY command alexa/smartthings doesn’t respond to. Why is Alexa not hearing “lights” only with this device. I emphasize, say it louder than the rest of the phrase and nothing helps. I did a new discovery, and that didn’t help either. Other than that everything else works fine. Any ideas?

I can sympathize, but can’t explain it. Ever since I started using my Echo with ST, I had it control a light which I had named ‘entertainment center light’. Worked fine for a year or so; then a couple of weeks ago I get “Entertainment center doesn’t support that”. I gave up trying; assuming that somehow some cloud-side tweak of a skill made my chosen name incompatible. Just today I tried it again, and it worked fine… I have no idea why.

maybe this will help explain it :clown_face:

sorry, I couldn’t resist having fun

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Now that you mention it, it did work before. I guess I have to wait until it kicks back in…unless someone else can give some insight.

Until a few days ago I could say ‘Alexa turn off all the lights’ and all the lights would go off. Now I have to say ‘Alexa turn off the Hue lights’. If I try ‘turn off all the lights’ I get the ‘I found several devices…’ response. Go figure!

About this time is when I say, “Alexa, you’re an idiot” and she replies “Thanks for the feedback.” :grin:

As for @Qvae’s problem, my work around for words she has issues with is to find a combination of words that she does seem to like and make a group name with the appropriate lights in them. For example, if she doesn’t like back door lights, maybe backyard.

Ive found similar problems recently, Alexa has been hopelessly unreliable in the last month and a half with not recognising some devices as lights, or seeing them as lights but not understanding the words. Really frustrating and havent found a solution yet!

I’m fairly new at trying Alexa integration, so I don’t have a basis for comparison. However, Alexa’s link with STs just is unpredicatable. I’ve got short phrases in Alexa routines that “turn on” a similar named ST scene. It works about 1/3 of the time, with the other 2/3 of the time, she responds with completely random things such as “Cameras are not supported” (cameras aren’t involved).

I’ve gotten to where I stubbornly repeat a phrase like “Working in study” repeatedly until she does the right thing.

I’ve also observed that syncing ST events to Alexa adds events, but never deletes on that I’ve deleted on the ST side. I haven’t looked into that one yet.

I chalk this up to growing pains. Just as ST has sporadic issues, Alexa will also have issues.

I try not to get bent out of shape when this occurs. Makes my life more pleasant.

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