Alexa ignoring second half of my device name

Having about 100 devices that can be controlled by Alexa it can get pretty challenging to control them unless you adopt a naming standard. My choice was to use room name plus device name so for example:

Living Room Light
Living Room Table Lamp
Living Room Fan
Kitchen Light

This has usually worked just fine (except for “nook”… argh!!) but recently Alexa has started responding that she cannot find “Living Room” or “Kitchen” in my profile. She is essentially cutting off after the room name. I am guessing this may be the result of some change either in the firmware or cloud processing. In case it matters my Echos have sw 4172. Is anyone else having the same issue?

Sometimes Alexa is mystified at our house by “Kitchen Light” – asks for clarification, thinks there are multiple devices by that name (there aren’t). Repeat the name & it usually works…

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Most likely there us just too much living room…

With mine I do this…

Common areas of the house… Living Room I leave of the room name… There is the corner light, couch light, chair light, ceiling fan.
Master bedroom and master bath have no room name either. Each has its own echo.

Other rooms have names.

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I have “Kitchen Light” nailed down pretty well to the point I rarely ever have to repeat that command but “Nook Light” (Breakfast Nook) has been a torture as she rarely understands. I think she does best with more than one syllable in the name and I get the impression “Light” has less weight in the voice recognition processing.

Given the number of devices I can’t remember them all, or expect others to, if they do not follow a standard naming convention. My naming works well for me except when it gets to be a bit long to say… or read in the ST app where the formatting cuts all my names short forcing me to figure out via the icon what the device is…

I have 5 echos around the house and have wished more than once that I could create local (echo specific) groups so that I can say “turn on light” and that echo knows which one to turn on… the one in that same room of course!

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Multiple devices with similar names like you state is a real problem for Alexa.

We also have the " Kitchen lights" issue. Although " she " has gotten better. Since the last update she actually does shut them off 1st try 3/4 of the time instead of saying we have multiple kitchens. I purposely gave them all unique names. Counter lights, Cabinet lights, Dishwasher light, Stove light, Microwave light, toaster light, etc. Then made a group " Kitchen lights.


I did the same with my kitchen lights. Except I created a virtual switch and using smart lighting when I turn it on it turns on all if the bulbs and sets them to 100%

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I have also created a group for each room but in my case the intention was mostly to allow turning everything off in a specific location with a single command. The groups are called "Everything in ".

I started this thread because something that worked perfectly stopped all of a sudden… So I wanted to verify I am not the only one who has an echo with short attention span… Contacting Amazon support just resulted in being told to do the voice training… The same one they had me delete when Alexa had become infuriating by misunderstanding tons of commands… Maybe I should just wait with fingers crossed that this will be noticed and fixed.