Alexa - Kitchen Doesn't Support That

I just integrated ST and my Alexa. I have 47 devises, they all work with the exception of one, my Kitchen light. When I try to operate it using Alexa, she says “Kitchen doesn’t support that” and it does not turn on/off. It’s a GE switch (as 95% of my other devices). I can control it manually in the Alexa app.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as this is the one I really need.

Did this ever work with Alexa? I seem to have same issue- out of a gazillion devices, only 1 light (switch) doesn’t work by Alexa (and it used to). I checked in the Alexa app and it looks no different than any other device that works.

Does the switch share the same name with something else? This might confuse Alexa.

No, I just set it up.

The switch does not share any name. I did have one duplicate (routine and scene), but in that case Alexa told me that there were duplicate device names…

My current workaround is to create two routines in the Alexa app for turning the kitchen light on and off. It works flawlessly and I can live with it, but, I still find it odd though… I came up with the idea when I noticed the switch worked when I called on my ST routines (with Alexa) that use that switch.

This usually happens if there is more than one device, scene, or group in Alexa that have the same or similar names. (e.g. If you have a group, a light, and a echo device all named “kitchen”). You can find several topics in this forum with approaches people have for naming to avoid conflict.

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Mine started doing this about a month ago. Go into smart home, then look at your groups. Check to see if you have a “kitchen” group. If so delete it.


That worked perfectly. Thanks so much!

If you change the name of the light location, it will work. I changed Kitchen to Kitchen Light in Alexa App, than it responded.


Same situation here with the new Alexa app. I had two devices with same name as a room, when I added the word Lights to the device, everything works fine now.

This same thin was happening to my iDevice in (drum role) the kitchen. I used this tip and renamed it to Kitchen Light and it works now. Thank you.!!

This worked perfectly. Thanks