Alexa integration

Integrated Alexa with ST and it (Alexa) picked up all of my existing devices that ST’s had in it’s list. Added a ST Arrival sensor to ST but I can not get Alexa to discover this device. Any suggestions would be great. I’m using the newer ST app (not classic), and the newest Alexa app (not sure if Alexa had an older app or not).

You may have already tried this. But I would suggest using the SmartThings classic app and going into the Alexa app within the SmartThings app and attempting to add your new device there.

How are you attempting to add the new device to Alexa- via the app, or by voice command? I’ve had quite a few occasions where a voice command (“Alexa, discover new devices”) will result in “I couldn’t find any new…”, BUT then the new devices will now show up in the app and they now work via voice command (meaning that she lied :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) Give it a shot.

Alexa doesn’t recognize presence sensors. Just contact sensors, motion sensors, and temperature sensors.

Alexa will recognize its own app on your phone for Geopresence if you want to use that in Alexa routines.