Amazon Alexa unable to discover ST devices

Just getting into HA right now. Got my SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit from Amazon in the mail and set things up with the ST App just fine, I can press a button to turn on/off the connected devices without a hitch! I’d like to be able to use the Echo and Dots that I have in each of my rooms though, but after following all the guides I’ve found here and elsewhere, I’m still unable to get my “Amazon Alexa” app to ‘discover’ any of my connected devices.

In the ‘Amazon Alexa’ app, I go to ‘Smart Home’ -> ‘Enable Smart Home Skills’ -> “SmartThings / Samsung Connect” -> Enable -> Authorize -> “You may now leave this page”

“Discover Devices” -> 20 seconds passes
Results: Nada.

Any ideas?

Have a look, in the smartthings app under the Alexa app to see if you have authorised any devices

I saw that recommendation previously, but I’m unable to find Alexa, other than going to ‘Add a Thing’ -> ‘Manual’ -> ‘Voice Control’ – Here there is Echo, Dot, and Tap, but each of them only has like, “Instruction Manual” which isn’t specific to ST, “Buy Now” and “Support Article” – I don’t see ‘Connect’ or anything like it.

edit: I’m also able to find the Alexa products in ‘Marketplace’ but with the same offerings. I.e. no ability to ‘Connect’ or ‘Authorize’

It should be under automations

Under ‘Automation’ I have ‘Routines’ (with the 4 pre-made routines, “Good Morning!” and so on), then ''SmartApps" – I looked through all of the categories under “SmartApps”, but didn’t see anything resembling Alexa.

It should have been under the smartapps section - it seems like it didn’t complete the install correctly
I would uninstall from alexa app (and anything you can find in the smartthings app) and try installing again.
I assume you got no error messages when you installed the first time?

I’ve disconnected/reconnected from the Alexa app at least a dozen times so far, doesn’t seem to have helped at all.

No error messages of any kind, no.

Any idea where I’d find it on the ‘SmartApps’ section? I’ve attached some screens to show what I’m looking at.