Alexa finds scenes, but no Smart Things devices

I just bought a new ST hub, which set up fine, and I’ve added a bunch of devices to it. Alexa app can see the Scenes from ST, but will not find the devices (mix of Bali z-wave blinds). Everything works fine in the ST app. I’ve deleted and re-established all apps and connections. What am I missing? Kelly

You authorized the devices, in the ST app, to be discoverable by Alexa, correct?

Well, assuming where you use “Connected Services” in the Settings in ST app (with “Allow Alexa to access all devices,” etc. on, yes, that’s on. Kel

Kelly J. Calhoun Williams

I’ve noticed that after doing that, if I go into the Alexa app and do a device discovery, or ask Alexa to discover devices, it’ll say no devices were discovered, but after a few minutes, they all show up in the device list.

Yeah, I can’t get any of them to show up, no matter how long I wait. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why it can see the scenes, but not the devices. I don’t want to have to build a scene for every device to get this thing to work. I guess I’ll have to resort to ST tech support… Thanks, Kelly

Kelly J. Calhoun Williams

Instead of just selecting “all”, have you tried selecting them individually to see if they’ll show that way? Just a thought.

The Bali Z wave blinds should show up as a dimmer switch to Alexa. Did you check in that category?

Yes, it doesn’t see any of the devices in any category. Like I said, the really weird part is that it does see the Scenes, but no devices. I just don’t want to have to make all these individual devices into Scenes to be able to work with them. They should be just appearing here… Checking with ST support just in case they have anything… THANKS, Kelly

Kelly J. Calhoun Williams

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