Alexa acting up? (19 December 2018)

Anyone else experiencing Alexa telling you “A few things share the name XXXXX, which one did you want?”

I’ve had no issues for months (years), but today, she’s responding this way to EVERY light I tell her to turn on or off.

I’ve made no changes recently.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Yes same here (UK)

I have the same issue. I had to change the names of my Alexa groups to something new to solve the problem. Not an ideal solution however.

Yes - I’m experiencing the same issue.

yep, just had the same argument with her.

Glad to see this. I didn’t notice the problem until I installed the new Echo Show that showed up today. I figured it had something to do with the new device.

Since others are seeing the same thing, I know Amazon probably ruined things in a update.

Crazy how dependent I’ve become on voice automation

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Since I am dependent on voice technology, this is why I have Siri as a back up. Anything I can turn on and off with Alexa, I can also turn on and off with Siri on my watch.

I prefer Alexa because the voice recognition is better, multiple people can use it, and I also use the other features, but at least I’m not left sitting in the dark. :sunglasses:


Same issue. Started today. I hope Amazon can solve this soon

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I wonder if this is a problem with Alexa or more specifically the ST Alexa Smartapp/ Skill.

Does anyone have a light connected to Alexa outside of ST that they can try?

I have my IR and RF devices controlled via the Broadlink IHC skill, and they’re giving exactly the same error. So maybe Amazon at fault…

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It’s not just smartthings. My hue lights are connected directly to Amazon, not going through smartthings, and it’s the same issue.


Got the same problem. For me, it started about 30 minutes ago, right after setting up multi-room music in the Alexa App.

It wasn’t working when I got up this morning, I hadn’t been making any changes and haven’t for quite a while.

My housemate did go through and make new control groups for all the rooms and “echo, turn the lights on“ is working again for those rooms. But he had to delete the old control groups since an echo device can only belong to one group. He didn’t have to change the individual devices for this purpose, though. Just the groups.

…and now ST has stopped working with the “Something’s Wrong” error. New and Classic app on iOS.

Alexa is working again for me. She turned on my Office Light with no back talk.


Works again for me too. Magic.

Smartthings down for me "unexpected error "

Back on …weird

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[SmartThings status] Investigating: Issues controlling devices, loading SmartThings Classic App, and accessing web developer interface

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I started to do that, but then my 30 years of marriage experience kicked in and reminded me of the futility of that particular exercise…so I swallowed my pride, said, “Yes dear” and just used the ST app.