HELP? Alexa won't turn on "all lights" when previously it did

A couple of months back I was using the “eFamily app” and some other apps all connected to my Alexa account so when I asked my Alexa to turn off “all lights” it would (I have 7 lights). Recently the “eFamily app” was removed from the app store so I moved everything to the “Smart Life” app so I have all 7 of my devices added to this app, the problem now is, when I say “Alexa, turn off all lights” it turns off 3 lights and the same lights turn of when I say turn on, but yet the other 4 lights do not respond to the “all lights” command, but they do react to individual commands for example “turn off light 5, turn on light 5”. What would be the best way to fix this so everything responds to “turn on all lights, turn off all lights”? Thank you - Joe


This forum was set up a number of years ago so that people using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform could help other SmartThings customers, so all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context.

Although many people here do use Alexa, we may not be able to help you much because we’re all working within the specific SmartThings context.

You’ll probably get better answers if you go to the official Alexa help forum:

Good luck!

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