Thread/Petition for the Early Migration Tool Release

Please use this thread to complain, moan and ask for an early release of the migration tool that was promised to be delivered before the year ends!

On January 1st, 2016, I presume this thread will morph into complaints that the tool wasn’t delivered by the promised date.

Just setting expectations, folks! Hope I’m wrong…

As there’s no sign up, or list or anything, i changed the thread title to thread/petition for early migration tool release, as it was flagged for moderation.


Seriously? We need a place to whine and complain more about the migration tool? SMH. Poor SmartThings team!

Do you really think anyone is working on a migration tool?

Personally… Yes, … but I have strong doubts about the “by end of this year” promise, if only because of being bitten many times by SmartThings with delays and, frankly, I’m surprised they’ve given out such a firm deadline.

As Hub V2 stabilizes and is enhanced, more and more V1 users will migrate (I expect more upgrade offers, actually) without a tool. However, some non-trivial numbers of hubs will fail from time to time, and it would be a potential nightmare for such unfortunate Customers to have to face an extended outage due to needing to find time to migrate to their warranty replacement hub.

A successful “SmartThings Home” should be highly dependent on the product… Coldwell Banker survey said respondents claimed their various smart home products saved them an average of 30 minutes a day, for example (weird statistic, but whatever).

Therefore, when a hub failure outage occurs, SmartThings is likely to offer overnight shipping of the replacement. Such prompt customer focused action without the corresponding migration tools would be worthless.

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