Being sent a replacement hub, how do I migrate?

Yeah, I’m going to be moving soon. I think I’ll buy my new hub then and tear it all down. There are a lot of messes that I created over time and can’t wait to be forced to get rid of them.

Yeah, those integrations are a pain to rebuild. I have IFTTT, Echo, MyQ garage, Action Dashboard - to name a few.

from my experience with an RMA… basically… welcome yourself as a new customer because you’re starting over (other then your location and your account)

Those integrations are a major reason I have not swapped out my v1 hub with the v2 that is currently setting on the shelf collecting dust.

Any idea on time? If not long then I’ll wait a bit until it’s ready


Long. :confused:

Any way there could be some interim steps, such as being able to export settings or something like that? There has to be something (anything) we can do in the short-term other than screenshots? …I ask wishfully…

Do you have to delete all my things, ST branded and others, from my original hub before I connect them to my new hub?

Someone mentioned excluding, how is this done? I the IDE?


Yes you need to exclude your zwave devices:

This is super helpful. Just printed out! Wish me good luck :slight_smile:

I’ll come back and will add my “lessons learned”. Hopefully not many (any?!)…

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My first lesson learned!!! Refresh batteries while you’re up on the ladder. And don’t ever buy sensors with odd battery types! CR2 need a couple, AAAA need a couple. I am thinking for what is worth, to replace these odd sensors with AAA and CR123…Painful, painful, major PIA…

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Another lesson learned! DO NOT BUY SmartSense Multi 2015…They have the worst design ever!!! I am throwing away two of them!..

Hi Ben, was this ever achieved? Thanks, Anton

No. It’s manual. Make screenshots or print stuff out.

what if the hub stops working before you can prepare for the migration? That means screenshots and print outs have to be taken periodically, like a small server/computer backup…

Login to the IDE. You can get the info there.

Sorry for being a pain. I use the IDE quite regularly for device handlers and smart apps. Are you saying there’s a dedicated section in the IDE talking about backups (in that case I cannot find it) or simply that I can copy everything manually, one piece of code at a time, off the IDE? The latter is understood but very far from ideal. It reminds me of what I could do on my HP programmable calculator in 1996.

There is no backup, but you can’t get a list of all of your devices and installed Smart Apps. You can also see which devices are selected for each installed instance of the Smart App (locations > hub > Smart Apps). Everything you will find is less than ideal. Without access to a real backup, it’s a PITA. But, you can get a list for a starting point.

Where does ST currently stand on the backup and restore tool? It has been over a year since this thread post and I’m curious to know if it has been implemented and/or if there is a launch date planned.


Unfortunately the answers are no, and no.