Alert when hub v2 on battery power

I used to use the hub offline alert as a power outage monitor - it would be cool if we got a similar notification when the hub is on battery power - and also when there was 10% left.

Anyone have any ideas to accomplish this via smart app?


Not yet. It’s something we want to do though. :smile:

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Disappointing becauseI known that means there are exactly 1,947 things in front of that enhancement…

The dreaded backlog strikes again!

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I accidentally unplugged my hub last night at about 9 or 10 pm and didn’t know it. Eventually the batteries died on it at 1:30 am… Didn’t last very long and burned through the batteries because I didn’t know it wasn’t plugged in. Alert when on battery power is very much needed.

Exact same thing happened to me as mweston. This definitely gets my vote.

Any more progress on this? Or at least be able to see a status of the battery in the app?

It looks like the “batteryInUse” is available online and does appear to be a true/false for when the hub is on battery power. Any chance of getting that in the main menu, where it has a green indicator? Have it with a yellow indicator and say “Hub is on Battery Power” rather than “Hub is Online”?


Hi. Any update on this? The IDE seems to detect it going onto battery power immediately and it would be most helpful to get a push notification informing me of this straight away.



Has anyone discovered a way to do this yet? Would really love to know when on battery

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Would be great if you can also see what the status of the batteries are. I noticed today that the batteries were drained enough that the hub would not stay powered on. Batteries weren’t even used and yet drained. I took them out and did not replace them. I guess I’ll have to depend on the UPS. It sucks that the hub does not support rechargeable batteries.

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WebCoRE should be able to execute code when the hub power source changes - provided you have batteries in it. Unfortunately, the battery voltage level is always 65535 which is really 0xFFFF or -1 meaning it is not in use or populated with real data…

If this is the “Hub power source” virtual device it’s not working properly. I created a simple piston to monitor if it changed either direction and nothing happened when I pulled the mains power. Also even though it is on mains power the results after throwing it in a variable and testing is that it is on battery which is not the case. However! On the main dashboard when I pulled the power…underneath the “Hub” icon it showed that it was on battery with a red icon…so that works.

Just got the newest SmartApp update today and this started working!

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Can you share the piston you used for this, thanks!

However it is reporting incorrectly again…


Thanks, hopefully the updates tomorrow will help fix it

So it’s back to working again…

I’m going to be doing the “Konnected Security” project in a week or two and detecting a power outage is something I want to be able to do. Personally for me I plan on adding a RIB relay to the outlet box feeding both my alarm panel and my hub to give me a dry contact and then I’ll pull that dry contact into the system. The alarm panel is on battery backup and hub is plugged into a UPS which lasts a long time (router/modem/hub/HDHomeRun/vonage…last big outage it lasted 1h 45min) but I still want to know if the power has been out for more then 15 minutes. And this is the only reliable way I know how to do that.

One day my hub went offline. I wondered what happened. Apparently, the power cable became loose and the hub has been running on batteries for a while. This kind of notification would be really good to have.

How can import this app?