V2 hub battery life and control

So does anyone know what’s the life of the v2 hub batteries and where one can see the remaining % (even if it’s wrong)?
Also I understand that the v2 hub runs local processing when on battery backup (no internet). So I’m assuming that there’s no way to communicate with the hub. I.e if the alarm goes off we’re dead - there’s no way to turn it off, is that correct?

Battery Backup and Internet are mutually exclusive, no?

Meaning you can be on battery but still have internet? Just want to make sure i am not missing something about the way the ST hub handles going to battery backup.

For your alarm scenario, you maybe able to silence a siren, say, if the siren is ST official and local, and you have a minimote with a configuration that allows you to silence said siren, but I am not sure there is a configurable app that runs locally that can do that yet??

As far as acknowledging a SHM false alarm - even if the system will let you it would only acknowledge it in the cloud and that result wouldn’t get to the hub unless or until there was internet. There are documented instances of SHM status in the cloud and local being out of sync even with good internet, btw.

Yes they are exclusive but if the internet is down there’s no way to get to the hub except for the local remote or maybe something like Double Tap. Just checking that I’m not missing anything. SmartTiles, ST phone etc are all useless. So if you haven’t setup something to be able to interact with the hub over the Z-Wave network to turn off the alarm and the alarm goes off while the internet is down, it’s a very sticky situation.

I"m thinking something like this, I’ve got my internet and WiFi setup on a UPS. But it’ll die eventually, the hub has it’s own backup. It’s possible the UPS may run out of power before the hub does, in which case…

Anyone figure out how long the battery on the hub lasts or how to get it’s status %?

Yes, that’s correct. And the only code that runs is some SmartLighting automation and a few parts of smart home monitor. Routines don’t run locally. I honestly don’t even know if you can change the armed status if the cloud is not available. I know you can’t change the mode.

Custom code doesn’t run locally, so double tap won’t help. It has to be something in smart lighting.

A minimote will run locally but only if you’re using the standard device type handler.

The harmony and hue bridge integrations also require the cloud account.

@jody.albritton or @slagle might know about the SHM armed status.

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You cannot change the status of the armed state without the cloud. This isn’t a limitation of local execution, but the mobile app. You need the cloud for the mobile app to work at the moment.

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