Hub V2 batteries low?

I have had a notification with just “battery low” I presume this means the hub V2 batteries? As I do get battery low for individual devices but this doesn’t say what it is? Is it the hub?

Is there a way on iOS ST app to see the battery hub V2 level or just wait.for this notification? Be nice if they said “battery low hub”
Is it any AA batteries? Should I get decent ones like Duracell?


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I got this notification for the first time too. At about 3am.

Is this new? @jody.albritton

Ironically it’s an inaccurate notification as I took the batteries out of my hub over a year ago.

I’ve just had the same message as well. None of my devices are low enough to trigger a warning.

I think it was false message. I got one very early yesterday morning. I couldn’t find any low sensors. My hub batteries measured 1.4 or more with DVM.

I don’t think it’s devices though as ok get specific for those, eg “front Dr multi sensor battery low” whereas this just says “battery low”

Ive had these warnings the last two days as well.

me too - looks like fake news

Same here - not surprised as after the leaky battery issue I removed and never replaced the batteries in the hub

Add me to the list. Just started receiving these last week I think. I too don’t have any batteries in my hub. Doesn’t list a device, doesn’t even open the app, and doesn’t show up in the notification feed.

Dang, I fell for this and just replaced my hub batteries :stuck_out_tongue:

Just got another one and woke me and the wife at 1:50 AM because it sounded the same alert as SMS. Cannot figure out where from. No notice in Activity Feed.

For anyone not subscribed to the status page, we are looking into this.

The generic low battery messages have been stopped. Please tag me if you continue to receive them.

@Brad_ST so does this mean I don’t have to change my batteries? Was the “battery low” meant for the hub? What about other devices that I have that report low battery?


Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on them, although they are reporting 1%.

Out of interest can you see exactly all my devices and motion reports, sensors and exactly when the open/close/motion? Means you can basically see what’s happening ST wise in my own home?

Wow didn’t realise that. So technically they can see the movement, when does open/close. Could also technically see when been no activity for a while…

What evidence do you have about vetting? They don’t disclose that information anywhere I have seen. I find it odd and concerning that support has access to our SmartThings accounts without approval. Clearly @R2D2 didn’t give authorization so support should not have been in the account, let alone disclosed details about it to the community.

As for how to offer support without access, many companies accomplish this in several ways. Some examples: with a pin number or passphrase, a send logs function, authorization or revoke support access buttons from within the product\website, etc.

We should also be notified when this happens. An email that our data is being access could tip us off to either support accessing the wrong account (maliciously or otherwise) or a phishing attempt where someone contacts support impersonating us to gain information.

With the number of breaches increasing, SmartThings would be an attractive target. Support having unchecked access to everyone’s accounts is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s only a matter of time before a support team member falls victim to some sort of attack that may or may not result in a further compromise of customers home information.

@andrewcbrooks Can we get some more information about what SmartThings does to protect our accounts from a support personnel perspective?

Now we are receiving notifications for someone else’s house, how nice.

I don’t and have never had any of these devices…

Update: they just keep coming…