Notification Help

I need some help figuring out how to send a notification when a door contact is open for longer then 30 min. I would like to have that notification send a text message to both my wife and myself. I haven’t added any new notification since the Apps were updated and I need help finding where to do this.

Under “Alerts --> Access and Entryways” there is an option to receive an alert if you have left your door open for longer than a specified time. It shows my doors that are setup but you cannot click on any of the doors to additional notifications.

I basically cannot add a new notification to an existing door.

You should be able to configure this under Doors & Locks, no? If not already there, you should only need to add a new door, define the sensor, and set up the “Notify me when” activity.

Is it possible to setup multiple alerts per door? So lets say my garage door is open for 30 min and then I send an alert. If it isn’t’ shut in an hour can I some how send another alert?