So I have a SmartApp that executes:

sendLocationEvent(name: “alarmSystemStatus”, value: “away”)

This no longer seems to work since I migrated to the new app. Why? Has it changed? And why would you do that?

I believe that only works with Classic/Groovy Smart Home Monitor. It doesn’t work with new app/endpoint app SmartThings Home Monitor. There is currently no known way to control SmartThings Home Monitor through the new API.


See the FAQ:

There are two workarounds.

  1. in many cases you can change the location.mode In a piston. Then you can have an automation which changes the security.mode based on the location.mode. Of course that won’t work for people who have additional location.modes like “dog walker“ or “guest”

  2. have the piston turn on a virtual switch and have the virtual switch trigger an automation that changes the security.mode
    This workaround has only been possible for a few months since they made it possible to change security.mode in an automation.

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As Jimmy said, that’s used for the Classic SHM. The new STHM app doesn’t allow direct control at this time from any apps. Feel free to petition ST support to add the ability to control STHM from apps.

However there are workarounds you can to control STHM with SmartApps and automations. Check out this post here which explains how to use STHM using Automations and SmartApps:


Thanks guys!

Disappointing… The best excuse yet to delete this painfully slow STHM.

BTW… Can you call a scene from within a smart app?