AirThings Radon Detector

(Joe) #1

I just bought this and it’s been working quite well. It would be great if we could get this integrated into Smartthings.


Looks like it’s Bluetooth only, if so we’ll be waiting a long time for that integration to happen. Cool device though.

(Sal) #3

With the new dashboard on cloud coming out, is there a way to get data into Smartthings app for monitoring at the following


Appreciate any insight into this.

(Jimmy) #4

They still don’t have an API

(Sal) #5

There is a export option available on the dashboard, is there a possibility something can be built around that.

(Kevin) #6

I just saw this dumb radon detector for $140 on deal of the day

So I wondered if there were any smart ones and found this topic.

Airthings now advertises IFTTT and Alexa integration for the original $200 Wave, but not sure how that really works with only Bluetooth. I guess you could have a an old phone, tablet etc in the house to bridge Wave=> Bluetooth=>App=>WiFi=>Internet=>IFTTT . I asked their customer service rep via chat but they were completely clueless.

They also have a $269 WavePlus with more sensors and communicates via a yet to be released hub.

Just stumbled across this, they have a Python based Raspberry Pi Bluetooth integration for reading the sensors…