AHHH! Help! (Smart Home Monitor notifications and inactive motion sensors)


I can’t put it all together. The dashboard on my android shows four of my five motion sensors inactive. I don’t know why - there has been no battery warning. The one that is active is telling me there is constant motion when I can see on the camera that there is none. One of the inactive ones it telling me there is motion - and it’s me, so the system isn’t picking up when I arrive. I am getting hourly messages reminding me that there was motion a progressive number of hours ago and I can’t seem to find a way to turn the reminders off. The system has been great so far, but I can’t piece all of this together.

(Jordon) #2

What brand sensors are you using? Might have just dropped off the network and need to be repaired. Try taking batteries out and waiting a little bit then putting them back in. Usually works for me.
For the notifications it most likely set up in SHM in the settings sections at the end under alert with notification.


Thanks, Jordan. All of the motion sensors are Smart Things. I’ll try removing the batteries tonight, and maybe resetting the hub.

What is “SHM”?

(Jordon) #4

I have 2 smart things multi purpose sensors and they constantly go offline and require me to pull the battery and reset. Think its a product problem on there end. Been getting into xiaomi sensors myself and love them. Plus cheap at an average of 12$ each.
SHM stands for “smart home monitor”. Its the tab in the app that shows your alarm state. Its labeled dashboard. To change its settings there is a gear in the top right corner. After you choose the sensors it uses there will be an alert with notification choice. But if this is not already set up when you go to this then it is not what is sending you notifications.