Making V2 work as an alarm system

Would appreciate help setting up my system to function as I would like. I have V2, Strobe/Alarm, Samsung SmartCam Pro, motion sensor and using smartphones for presence. I would like the system to recoginize that none of the three of us are present and then function as an alarm if motion is detected. I tried using smart apps but I might not be smart enough to figure them out.

Can someone point me in the right direction.

Thanks so much in advance.

Check out the Smart Home Monitor. It should be on your dashboard and just needs to be configured. If you don’t see it, you may need to ask support.

If your goodbye and I am back routines correctly trigger based on your mobile presence, you can arm-away or disarm the SHM thru those. Goodbye should give you the option everybody is away and you need to select all three. I am back should use if somebody is back and you have to select all three.

In SHM, set you sirens. BtW there are mode change issues right now that support is working on. So, I have the sirens out of equation.

This should work if I understood you correctly.

Thank you, Ron. That is what I was looking for. I will try that. Thanks again

is Smart Home Monitor different than Smart Home Alarm? I saw SHA in the marketplace and downloaded it but did not see SHM as part of my native app that I downloaded. Am I missing something?

It all worked fine. Do you know of anyway to get it to call my cell phone if the alarm is triggered? I am afraid I won’t respond to an sms if it comes in during the middle of the night. I used to have V1 and there was a way to call if I entered an area, etc.

thanks again

It is on the dashboard and you have to configure it. You don’t need to download another app. Ron’s tips worked great and it changed modes as I pulled up to my location.

where is it? Right now my dashboard just has “Home & Family”. How do I configure? I dont haev anything when i select the wheel in the upper right

Dan, it just appeared on mine. I didn’t have to do anything. I just checked and it dows have smart home monitor. Have you tried doing live chat with support?

yes, but of course they are “offline” i have also logged a ticket and no word back. So will this replace smart home alarm when i am able to get it?