Uninstalled Smart Home Monitor from IDE, no way to bring it back in the classic app

Hi Guys,

I uninstalled the Smart Home Monitor from the IDE under installed smartapps. I read in one of the forum post that it can be installed again via the market place. When I look in the marketplace it is not there to install. I now have no Smart Home Monitor (Smart app) on my smartthings classic app.

Is there another way to install it again?

Cheers in advance!

It’s not under marketplace>smartapps>SmartThings reccomends?

No I only have Smart Lighting, Notify Me When, It’s Too Cold & Smart Locks :frowning:

Strange. Nothing under the safety & security section either?

Nope, nothing. There must be a way to get it back.

any ideas is the app caches that it was removed?

No clue. I’d email or call support.

I’ve emailed support, lest see what they say :).

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Just for a fun guess, I’m placing a bet: They are going to say “switch to the new App”.

Do you have an Smartthings ADT Panel?