Connection issues with hubv2

I’m not sure if there is a category for issues with ST, so I’ll just put this here and see if anyone can help. Please let me know if this should be discussed else where.

I have contacted Customer Support about this several times and they keep saying its my fault, but I’m pretty sure its not (at least not in the way they say it is).

The Problem: I got my ST hub v2 about 4 months ago. I bought it from Samsung direct as part of a package that was on sale. With it I got 4 Sylvannia smart bulbs, the hub, and a motion sensor. I also have an echo dot (bought separately). I connected the hub, downloaded the app, and connected my bulbs and sensor. Everything was running smoothly. I could ask Alexa to turn on Living Room and the lights came on. The motion sensor is in the laundry room and it turns on/off the light in there as needed. Well about 1 month ago the hub started disconnecting and then reconnecting. At first I figured it was probably updates to the hub or the internet blinked out. Then it would do it 4-5 times in a row. When I would get home all the “things” were all disconnected/unresponsive from the hub. I reconnected everything and it worked again. Then just a few days later it did it again but this time the app would say the hub was not connected (the light was green though). Well I called CS and they said someone pushed the button on the back (the reset pinhole). I know no one could have done it. My kid is 4 and the hub is about 5 feet off the ground, and my wife doesn’t mess with it. Well I was able the reconnect the hub and essentially rebuild my whole system from scratch. Since then it has done this 3 more times. I’m about the throw the thing trash and get a Wink, but I figured I better see if there is something I am doing wrong. I don’t want to add anything else until the problem is resolved. It takes me about 10-20 mins to do 4 lights and a sensor, so can’t imagine having to re-add 10-20 things every 2-3 days.

So any suggestions or similar stories are welcome. I thank you in advance for your detailed advice.

I assume you can tell its disconnecting by the push notification in the app?

yes. Guess I didn’t explain that.

Has anyone experienced this?