Aeotech recessed door sensor

My door sensor quit working. I determined the battery was dead at 2.3 volts even though ST reported 100% battery life. Sensors been in the door at least 5 months. Im using the stock DTH, has anyone else had issues with this brand of sensor battery reporting? I consider this worse than the Stock ST sensors.

There are reports out there of battery reporting not working correctly.Not sure if it’s a function of the DTH or the device. I ended up writing my own handler, which seems to work for me. I can actually see the battery report executing and returning a value.

Nice, Why is there not a offline reporting for sensors in ST?

Can you share your device handler? I would like to be able to get battery reported too.


@jlwilson58 - I think this should be working, although I’m seeing some odd behavior in general. Could be my hub, my phone app, who knows. :slight_smile: But in general, I think this is working fine from what I can see. Let me know if you see anything weird or any problems.

I updated this yesterday and changed all my Aeon recessed door sensors to use this device handler. Now none of them are reporting battery at all. It doesn’t seem to be waking up to report battery. Do I need to do anything else to the devices after I installed the new device handler?

If you check the events (“all” from IDE), it should show you when it wakes up. Just changing the device handler won’t change the wakeup interval, although it should be at the ST default of 4 hours. It should have reported the battery on the first wakeup. Do you see anything in the events?

Worst case I would say to remove and re-add but you should be getting something.

I have three of these sensors. They are all on the latest firmware. I removed and added them back in using this device handler. One of them reported a battery value. The other two still report 100%.

I checked the IDE logs and they are waking up when they are supposed to, just not sending the correct battery level. Must be some sort of sensor issue.

I have three of these piece of $%*'s as well. The burn through batteries and routinely mis-report their state. Has anybody gotten them working reliably?

Not only have I spent $150+ on three devices that have ONE JOB and can’t even do that effectively, I’ve bored rather large holes in all my door jambs to fit them. I’m pretty angry at aeotec. From all I see they’re crap engineers.