Aeotec Door/ Window Sensor not working with Edge driver

I have a Aeotec Door/ Window Sensor v2 on my garage door that has stopped working with the stock edge driver. If you wake the device it will then report the open and closures of the contacts for a short while and then goes back to sleep. The device stays in that state regardless of changes to the state of the contacts and eventually will go " offline" . I am new to the forum as I have never had a problem with the small system I have had for a number of years, so any advice/assistance would be appreciated.

Same problem here (also coincidentally on my garage overhead door). I have three Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 Basic units:
#1 on the mandoor from the house to the garage (100% battery)
#2 on the garage overhead door (82% battery). Battery is 6 to 9 months old.
#3 on an AC outage sensor in the house adjacent to the hub (99% battery)

Only #2 is frequently going offline. It is close to the hub but it operates in the coldest environment adjacent to the overhead door. It gets down to 35F or so.

None of these units are showing “placeholder” in the still-running IDE.