Aeotec Recessed Door Sensors

Any one else having their door sensors say “OPEN” when the door is physically closed?

Two out of my four Aeotec door sensors give wrong open/closed readings randomly. You have to re-open and close the door to make Smartthings register that the correct status.

Know a fix? Or is this a SmartThings problem?

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I have two of those sensors, and mine have been working fine for the last 3 months!

Well, now that there’s at least one other personI dont know what started it but this is exactly what’s been going on with Aeon recessed sensor too… It started a few weeks ago, out of the blue. It really screwed up the autock

Most of my z-wave open/close sensors are misbehaving since the last update. Best thing to do is a z-wave repair then go open/close all the sensors. It’s a pain but that’s one way I find most reliable until the next update.

The battery may be getting low.

Any solution for this? I have 3 of these and have just added a piston that shuts the heat/air off if any of the doors or windows are open. This has caused me to notice just how frequently these devices misreport their state.

If “low batt” is a problem, that’s an issue in itself since these things seem to consume batteries at a 5x rate to everything other device I have. I just replaced the batteries a couple of months ago.

I’m pretty angry at aeotec over this. Not only have I wasted $150 on their sensors that are incapable of reliably doing the ONE AND ONLY THING they’re supposed to do, I’ve drilled sizable holes in all my door jambs to install them. These guys are just BAD engineers and I’d strongly advised staying away from all of their products. They’re all difficult and unreliable in one way or another.

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I realize that this is an old thread, but has anyone been able to resolve this?

I have seven of these installed and all of them have this issue. The sensors often report open when in fact they are closed. This makes them useless for security since they do not transmit a change in state to the hub when a door is opened at that point.

I have replaced batteries in several, re-paired some of them. Woke them up and run Z-Wave repair several times. I’ve tried relocating the hub temporarily. Since the status reporting issue is intermittent, it’s hard to tell if anything is helping.

All are within 10 or 15 feet of a Leviton Z-Wave Plus switch with a Repeater. Most are only a few feet since like most people I have Z-Wave Plus switches next to nearly every door. The house is not that big so nothing is more than 30 or 40 feet from the hub. I have the latest firmware and their custom DH. I have the sensors mounted into the woodwork since the doors are metal with a wood core. My thought is that this should provide the best possible range and I can see the status of the sensors.

All of the other (non recessed) open close sensors I have from another brand work perfectly, including one that is over 100ft away from any repeater and inside a metal mailbox.

Aeotec support has been trying to help, but really all they want you to do is replace batteries or re-pair then. At one point they were offering to replace them, but they seem to have backed off of that now.

We all know what a pain it is to remove and re-add a device when you have many routines dependent on that device. To do that for 7 sensors is several hours worth of work. If it will fix the problem, great, but otherwise I don’t want to waste the time.

There is one other generic brand of these sensors and I’m considering buying one or two to test with, but I have a large investment in these Aeotec devices (roughly $300) and holes drilled in my doors and woodwork. I would like them to simply work.

Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor Gen5

Aeotec Support


one out of my three aeotec recessed had a problem like you described. I gave up on it.

I have a few of the monoprice recessed and have not had a problem with them. If that is the one you are considering - I’d go with it.

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What is the other generic brand? Do you have a link? Mine have been working… ok. Until this morning. Once again front door was closed but reported open so my furnace wouldn’t come on. #thanksaotec.

The other brand is Monoprice. I bought 2 of them to try but have not installed them yet.

Had mine for 2 months then dropped of and cannot re-pair, tried new batteries and resetting it. Support tickets through Aeotec and Smartthings cant resolve the issue. I’ve ended up putting a Xiaomi sensor inside it. Wanted to move away from Xiaomi as they drop off every so often but its better than one that does not work at all!

I still have allot of trouble with these sensors failing to report open/close status changes properly. Fresh batteries don’t help and they rarely report battery level properly. I’ve tried the custom device handler as well, but it didn’t help. I’m not sure what causes the intermittent failures but I would still love to have a solution since I have 8 (7 Aeotec and 1 Monoprice) installed.

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Has anyone tried the newer 7 series sensors? If so, are they more reliable? Series 7 Hidden Door Sensor I’m still having allot of trouble with this these not reporting closed status.

I have had such bad experience with the 5S version I am reluctant to purchase the 7S, I may invest on payday as my Zwave network is slowly growing.