AEON Recessed Door Sensor

I have seen this question in multiple topics, but can’t seem to find a definitive answer. I have several of the AEON Recessed Door Sensors and none of them report battery (they all say 100%). I see several people are using this device handler.

Others are using the generic door/window sensor device handler. Some people seem to have success getting battery level returned, but most don’t. Has anyone found a method to get the battery level returned? Is this more a device issue or Smartthings issue? Any help would be appreciated.

I am using this one but battery doesn’t change. It did at one point but I have 2 that say battery is at 0% right after putting in a new battery and the others say 100%.

I use the jabbera DTH and battery does work, just not well.

The sensors stay at 100% for a long time and then die about 55%

I am using the same handler you listed, my battery always shows 100% If there is one thing I have learned about all this home automation stuff is that battery levels just never work.

I found a solution to the battery reporting issue but need a programmer to help me fix it properly… Mine is currently a hack… see this post: