Aeotec Recessed Sensor Battery reporting and local control?

As the title states, I always have battery issues with my Aeotec Sensors. They constantly report 100% battery, even when they are dead. Considering my front door lock relies on this sensor to lock, it’s a pretty big deal when the battery dies and we are unaware. I am using a custom device handler from @jabbera , I believe. Is there something different or better out there that can be used which reports the proper battery levels? Better yet, is there a handler that I can use that allows local control vs cloud based?


If it’s a standard zwave open/close sensor, you could try using ST’s stock DTHtitled “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor”. Do you know what the custom DTH adds or does different than the stock? BTW, only the stock DTH’s will run local, everything custom is cloud.

Here’s another DTH I found that may be based off the one you’re using:

I don’t believe the default DTH handles battery reporting. The custom DTH was setup to show the battery percentage however my sensors were not reporting it and I found that it was due to a parameter being turned off. I tried to modify the DTH to include the ability to turn on the parameter if off but I don’t think t is working correctly. The thread you pasted above is where I was discussing what I had discovered and my code changes to try to fix the issue. If someone better at programming than myself could fix the code, that would be awesome :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your efforts @aruffell.

While it wouldn’t be a local handler, paging @RBoy … I know you made the DTH for the monoprice recessed sensor. I am one of your subscribers and would like to officially go on the record to very politely (more like pleading) you to develop one for the Aeotec sensor :smiley:

Pretty please?

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Happy to do it, please send our support desk a request and we’ll add it to our list. We do prioritize based on demand, so if many folks are asking for it we can definitely push it up.

I recently subscribed and saw the DTH as well. I was going to try it to see if it just works. I tried to see if Monoprice’s sensor was just a non branded Aeotec but they appear to be slightly different in build from the very little I could see… but I am not sure.

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@aruffell I was going to try it as well, but haven’t had the chance. However, if you’re subscribed to Rboy, perhaps put in a support request as well? As per his response, the more that request, the higher the priority!


happy friday everyone…

soooo… has this aeotec dth ever take off? (just curious)