Compre un AEOTEC Smartthing Home Hub en España

He comprado un Aeotec SmartHome Hub en españa, pero parece que hay que contratar obligatoriamente una linea con Vodafone, tengo oido que estos aparatos los puede liberar desde el 2015,¿Esto es verdad? Como se podria liberar si no tengo linea con vodafone?

Vodafone has an exclusive model which does require their contract.

You need the one sold for general use, such as the one sold by Amazon.

Have you tried adding it to the Smart Things app?
Those hubs after 2019 are not hardware blocked, although their camera accessories are, which means the Aeotec V3 is free apart from a small publicity icon on the favourites screen.
I have one and I paired it as a hub, without using the Vodafone app, waiting for it to update to 45.11 firmware and it works perfectly.

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