Aeotec zw095 energy meter gen5

Ragazzi perche non riesco piu a collegarlo? È andato offline e dopo averlo resettato con il tasto per 10 secondi non mi fa fare piu l’accoppiamento con smartthings! Non me lo trova in nessun modo. Come posso risolvere? Ho installato il driver edge della aeotec na nulla!

Guys why can’t I connect it anymore? It went offline and after resetting it with the key for 10 seconds it doesn’t let me do the pairing with smartthings anymore! He doesn’t find it in any way. How can I solve? I installed the edge driver of the aeotec na nothing!

Try excluding the device in the app under zwave utilities in the hub tile

I can not do it does not tell me anything how should I do?

Open your hub and click the 3 dot menu in the upper right corner. Select zwave utilities and the zwave exclude. Then push the pairing button on your device

Troy Owens

Nothing to do I did as you say … after having excluded it I redid the association again but nothing remains like this and finds nothing! I am desperate I did a thousand tests

He finally managed to find it. But I see that he does not read me the consumption? I don’t remember is the configuration right?


Do you know how to solve the problem?

I’m sorry. I personally have no idea. Hopef6someone else will chine in