Aeotec Z-WAVE Minimote $15

Taken from SD

Aeotec Z-WAVE Minimote $15 AC + Free Shipping!
Apply Code = Aeotec25off



That’s a great price! :sunglasses:

Cool, I just used my last new one last night, time for another backup!

Good find! Just picked up two (discount applied to both :+1:)

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Just ordered two, you can never have too many $15 motes. :sunglasses: Looks like they are clearing out their HA department, only other Z-wave item was Z-Wave Smart Energy Meter which is out of stock.

BTW- these are able to run locally, as seen in your local device list (using ST device handler and app)

They have worked for me in a recent internet outage with Smart Lighting.

Right, but they will only be able to operate other things that run locally, which basically means smart lighting automations.

If your smartthings cloud account is not available, you will not be able to use a minimote to run a routine, run a custom smart app, Control Philips hue or LIFX bulbs, change mode, disarm SHM, or anything else which doesn’t run locally.

So good for smart lighting automations which are only referencing devices that run locally. Otherwise, the fact that the minimote can run locally doesn’t help you if what you’re trying to control doesn’t run locally.

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The code had to be all caps for me: AEOTEC25OFF
Or I copy/pasted incorrectly multiple times :wink:

Also of note, make sure to update the firmware on these old versions to the current one before using

Then, other than the button graphics, you have the equivalent of the new version


I’ve learned these things are " picky" when it comes to USB cables to update the firmware. Any cord works for charging, but the updater program only seem to find them when using the included 6" usb cord. Or at least that has been my experience.

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Awesome. I had actually been mulling over picking some of these up for $19.99 on Amazon. Glad I held off. I grabbed 6. I went through a cash back portal to get another 4% back.

@Takeagabu Thank you!! I just ordered two.

Thanks!!! I have been waiting for deal on these.

Deal is over now $39.99

Edit Deal is still on. When I saw $39.99 I thought 25% of $40 is far from $15.

Once in the cart and code is TYPED in price drops to $15 about 63% off

You need to use the coupon listed above. AEOTEC25OFF

Thanks, just bought my third Minimote. Which leads to a question.

My other 2 minimotes (have the updated firmware) twice in the last month have “lost” the button controller app. Has anybody else experienced that problem?

Mine have the updated firmware with no problems so far.

Email support . I will assume you are getting the red " an unexpected error has occurred" whenever you open button controller. I had that happen a couple months ago with all 4 of my minimotes. Support had to fix a line error on their end and they have all been working fine since.

My last minimote is making me mad! :rage::rage::poop: I’ve joined/rejoined it XX times last night and my button presses are still not registering!

Is it all of them or just 1 or 2 ? I have 1 that button #1 just won’t work. Of course I assumed it just wasn’t included properly and never got around to messing with it until it was too late. I am still holding out ( some) hope that I will bring it downstairs to charge it , re-include it and it will miraculously work perfectly. It was that button not working that led me to discover the " unexpected error has occurred" in button controller. I was trying to reprogram it and after a couple months of getting that same error I decided to contact support.

All buttons. I actually bookmarked an older post before I went to bed. Got too frustrated lol.