$15 Aeotech Smart energy meter deal?

Can’t tell if thes in particular are good deals or if they work well with ST, but I thought it looked interesting.

I have a couple of the MiniMotes and a Smart Energy Meter. Very happy with both…

What exactly do you use a minimote for? It looks like buttons for whatever you want but i wasn’t sure. I did get the meter.

In our case, it is used to control some lighting and a ceiling fan. It acts as a button input to the ST ‘Smart Lighting’ app, which, in turn, controls some ZWave switches & a ZWave fan controller…

Anything you want, each of the 4 buttons has short and long press commands. For consistency ( with Harmony remotes ) we use short press on, long press off. Yes you can pair them with individual ZW devices. However included with ST Hub that can control any device or group of devices or routines. The battery usually lasts a few months before it need to be plugged into a USB charger for a couple hours.
Keep one on each side of the bed to turn on/off bedroom lights, run good morning/good night without having to open up phone app. Use it as a fan controller 1=low, 2- med. 3= high, 4=off. The uses are almost limitless


muuust not buuuy 2 more ennnergy meeettters.

I already have 1 spare along with a tone of other devices.


I’m a loser, I got two more. They are very handy for a home will full automation. It is very useful to know things like…

Is the oven running?
Is the bath tub motor running?
Is the hot water heater running?
Oh, the freezer in the garage hasn’t pulled any power for a hour. Something must be wrong!!!


I though you just put it on the main in the breaker box. They can do more?

You can put it in the breaker box, but if you have stuff like a water heater on a dedicated circuit, just put the clamp on that wire. If you have something on a 240 volt circuit, use both clams.

Just be careful!

You put it on the mains to read the whole house. I have 1 on mains, 1 on 220 lines for air conditioner, 1 on 220 for dryer, 1 on stove, 1 on oven, I was going to use the other on the car charger, but the charger already reports usage. I’m afraid to put one on hot tub LOL

I bought one of the energy meters during a sale like this. I figured this looks easy to install, after watching a couple of youtube videos. But turns out things weren’t so simple for me.

I found out that my main panel shut-off switch has a tamper tag on it so that if I cut the tag and open the door to shut off power I would have to have licensed technician do the work. The power company doesn’t want just anybody to mess with the electrical panel because someone may be trying to tamper with their energy meter. It could be that my municipality requires some type of permit to do this.

I refuse to even remove the panel cover without shutting off power to the panel. I’ve installed a handful of Zwave light switches, 3-way switches, dimmers, and a ceiling fan. That is all the extent of my electrical work experience. I contacted a couple of electricians and they want a couple of hundred dollars to install the meter. Knowing how much electricity I’m using, at this point, is not worth that much to me. I’ll just wait until next year when I may get solar panels since the solar company installs an energy meter anyway, just not tied into ST.

Has anyone installed one of these energy meters on their main electrical panel? Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

That is where they are designed to be installed. I have 3 installed inside the panel. 1 on Mains, 1 on 220V Air Conditioning circuit and 1 on the stove circuit. I ran out of room for the fourth, so install it at the other end in the dryer, ( well contacts are in the dryer actual device is stuck on the back of the dryer) and in the cabinet with the oven )

So I ordered two of these and they sent me two minimotes instead. I sent them an email saying they sent the wrong product and they sent me two minimotes again. Now I have 4 minimotes and no new energy meters… I’ll send them an email again.


I installed mine behind the breaker box panel like the YouTube video said to with no issues.

I don’t know what laws you have where you live, here in TX, basically once the cord leaves the city side, the rest is mine so I don’t have any tamper tape.
Might want to call your utility board or whoever you pay for power to get more info on that part.

Once the panel is off, it’s up to you to use your best judgement. I decided before I opened it, that if there were any stray wires that I would have to move to get it on there, that it would be a no go. I’m not going to guess at what’s what back there. Fortunately it was a straight shot. I would recommend above all, don’t attempt it if you’re home alone.

The only actual trouble I had was with getting it to sync, and for some reason the way the plug was situated, it kept pushing the gfi test button. All good now.

Anyone know the best DH for this model? Preferably one I don’t have to read 500 posts to figure out or tweak?

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