Z wave button that operates locally?

Anyone know of a simple z wave button that operates locally? I’ve found some old lists but they’re so old the products aren’t even on Amazon anymore.

I’m wanting local execution so I believe the entire Aeotec line is out.

I don’t care about any fancy features. One button is all I need but I’ll take more. So on that same note, if something like an Aeotec can still function when changing the device type to generic z wave, that’s fine by me.

Anyone got any suggestions? I’m fine with importing as well.

Does it have to be z-wave? The SmartThings button runs local.

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I agree the smartthings brand zigbee button is the easiest solution.

If you really want it to be zwave, though, there are some possible alternatives.

What exactly do you want the button to trigger? I ask because there may be some other options.

For example, at our house we use a motion sensor in a box as an event trigger.

There’s also a battery operated zwave rocker switch which I believe runs locally:

It comes in a single or a double, and is light switch size.


Of course neither of those would work for a keychain use case. :sunglasses:

You could also take some of the buttons which work via Z wave direct association, such as the Aeotec nanomote or the Fibaro button and set it to turn on a Z wave lightbulb and then use that lightbulb coming on as a smartthings trigger. The trick is getting the associations set, but that is doable with some models.


That gives you a very small button to work with, but it does require the additional lightbulb to act as a proxy.

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I’m trying to replace a smartthings button. Some people may speak highly of them. But of the nearly 70 devices spanning I don’t know how many brands on my ST HUB, it is without a doubt the biggest piece of crap. I have an Aqara on the other side of the bed - nightstands - and it’s 5x as reliable. But it is at the edge of my network and because Aqara is so fickle I can’t even build it out. Although the ST button should be picking up a repeater within about 7 feet. I reset it and repaired just to try to ensure it would pick a closer node. It didn’t help at all.

Anyway, I DO like the motion in a box. But cats. Stupid nosy up all night cats. I can see them setting it off every hour.

As I’m sure you’ve inferred it’s for a nightstand. The aqara does work better but it’s on my wife’s side. Although she’s so impatient even its 1-2 second lag is too much for her so I may just take hers and she can operate the sengled like it’s a dumb bulb.

Thanks for the ideas.

For a nightstand, I think I would look at the Ecolink. It’s zwave, easy to add, battery operated, officially supported, and smartthings thinks it’s a light switch.

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Also, if it’s just to control a lamp, I would probably look at the IKEA dimmer. Jimmy can tell you more about that. It’s now officially supported, it’s very inexpensive, seems to work well, although it is zigbee. But for very impatient people, the physical rotary dimmer switch format sometimes makes them happier. :sunglasses:

Or there’s always the sengled element touch, which has a physical button right on the bulb. It turns the bulb off but doesn’t cut the current.