Aeon Labs DSA03202 v1 for 13 with code using code ALMINIMOTE. To give credit, found on Slick Deals

Still cheaper including tax I paid $34.95 for two including tax and delivery from Amazon the company was Beach Camera in New Jersey.

Realized I linked the deal for the smart energy, which also has the minimote listed, but the picture here is the energy meter. Will update to have just the minimote.

EDIT: Assuming you were talking about the minimote still, Beach Camera has on NewEgg for 13 (13 X 2 = 26).

Ordered one, but went through hell to do it. First it wouldn’t take the coupon code so I called them. They told me to change browsers, from Chrome to something else. Did that and it still didn’t work. Next I called them again, asked to make a manual order. I was told since it is a Marketplace item from Beach Camera they are unable to do it. I then deleted my history and cookies, tried again. No luck. Called them again after calling Beach to see if they had the same deal, no dice. Finally I tried to do it the weird way by at the bottom clicking secure checkout. WaLa I was able to place the order with the coupon code. So Beach Camera has given me three things for a great price.