Aeotec Trisensor Edge driver

Hello Community

I switched an Aeotec Trisensor to edge driver. The device Work and use the Aeotec Trisensor Edge driver.

But If I want to change something in the settings ist doesn’t do that. For exapmle I dissabled the green LED , but the LED is still working.

Does anybody has the same effect or has an Idea?

It’s pretty common for batterypowered zwave devices to queue up configuration changes and only process them once every 4 hours. Or even every 12 hours. This is to save battery life. So it may just be that the change didn’t take effect yet. This has nothing to do with Edge Drivers, or SmartThings for that matter: it is a decision on the part of the device manufacturer.

So check the user manual for this device to find out how to get it to accept configuration changes immediately if you don’t want to wait. Usually there will be a button you press on the device to wake it up. :thinking:

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You can use this as well to change the configurations:

I recently made changes to my Tri-sensors and I had to wake it up for each change to take effect. It was very random (not all changes took) when I tried any other way.

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