Aeotec Trisensor Edge driver

Hello Community

I switched an Aeotec Trisensor to edge driver. The device Work and use the Aeotec Trisensor Edge driver.

But If I want to change something in the settings ist doesn’t do that. For exapmle I dissabled the green LED , but the LED is still working.

Does anybody has the same effect or has an Idea?

It’s pretty common for batterypowered zwave devices to queue up configuration changes and only process them once every 4 hours. Or even every 12 hours. This is to save battery life. So it may just be that the change didn’t take effect yet. This has nothing to do with Edge Drivers, or SmartThings for that matter: it is a decision on the part of the device manufacturer.

So check the user manual for this device to find out how to get it to accept configuration changes immediately if you don’t want to wait. Usually there will be a button you press on the device to wake it up. :thinking:

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You can use this as well to change the configurations:

I recently made changes to my Tri-sensors and I had to wake it up for each change to take effect. It was very random (not all changes took) when I tried any other way.

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Just wondering if managed to get these settings to work? I’m relatively new to the smartthings community and Smart Devices using Zigbee & Z-Wave so apologies in advance. Hopefully i’m not hijacking this as i thought my issue relates to yours @Daniel2_Kusterer since your settings dont apply.

I have 2 tri sensors. The first one isnt using edge drivers or a custom device handler. The second one i recently added this week which is now using the edge drivers. The second device i bought back in march this year and only found use for it now once our renovations were mostly done. Initially it was using the driver of Z-Wave Sensor but i changed it to use the one from Aeotec (Aeotec Edge Drivers : Aeotec Help Desk).

I switched it to use the Aeotec Trisensor Edge drivers and i updated the settings for motion retrigger and motion timeout. I had it on 20 for motion retrigger and 60 for motion timeout. I initially didnt check the guide on how to get it to accept the changes immediately. I left it for about a day or so. Upon running tests during that time it does take longer to retrigger motion and to timeout to the point that the device on the app shows no motion detected. I check my 1st tri sensor NOT using edge drivers and motion retrigger and motion timeout is alot quicker.

I did end up going through the guide as suggested by @JDRoberts to accept the changes immediately. It looked like i did it right but still no luck in terms of the motion retrigger and timeout set to the seconds i have applied. I did leave it overnight and tried again and it was still the same. From what i remember on average it took about 4 minutes to show that there was no motion.

I just recently removed the trisensor using the edge drivers as per the guide on Installing & removing devices on Aeotecs website. I should have taken a screenshot of the history to show how long it was taking prior to me removing the deivce but i didnt. I did leave the Aeotec drivers there. I added the trisensor back and it used the Aeotec Trisensor drivers rather than the z-wave sensor when i first added it. I re-applied the settings for motion re-trigger and timeout. Also followed the guide to accept the configuration changes immediately. So far i dont see my settings working.

Is there something i’m not doing correctly? Is the history within the device accurate? I did mention that the second trisensor i bought in March but only added it to my hub this week. I’m wondering if it has old firmware but i dont know where to go to check that.

let me start off that im still new to Smart Devices specially around zigbee and z-wave. apologies in advance. i’m still learning as i go. I set up a second trisensor which is now using the edge drivers. cant seem to get it off the default timeout which looks like 4 minutes. this is based upon the history of the motion sensor via the app. not sure if this is accurate or not.

initially it was on some stock z-wave sensor edge driver and switched it to the aeotec trisensor edge driver. i changed the motion trigger to 20 and timeout to 60 initially. i did look at the manual to wake it up to accept configuration changes but did nothing. waited a few days at most to monitor it and seems its still stuck on the default settings.

i did remove the device as per the aeotec manual using the z-wave exclusion. re-added it back successfully which straight away it used the aeotec trisensor drivers. i suspect that the default timeout is 240 as i checked it prior to me changing it again and thats what i saw. its set to 15 for motion retrigger and 45 for motion timeout. its been about a day or 2 currently and seems like it still stuck on the stock/default settings for the aeotec trisensor edge drivers.

my 1st trisensor is on the stock ide drivers still and the motion retrigger and motion timeout is essentially what im trying to set this second one to.

am i doing anything wrong here? is there a better way of trying to apply the settings?

just wondering @Daniel2_Kusterer if you had any luck getting your settings to work?

I have just set up 3 of these on the edge driver and found that putting the device into a health test (nine second press - cyan led) and making setting changes one at a time is pretty reliable. Waking for 5 minutes (5 second press - yellow led) also worked reasonably well.

I found that leaving new settings to sync in thier own time didn’t seem to work at all…

@TheHundredthIdiot thats interesting. my settings still havent applied yet. just wondering since you tried leaving the settings to sync, did you need to change the settings again or were you able to put it into a health test and it applied the setting changes one at a time?

waking up the trisensor for 5 minutes never worked for me. i did attempt to just put it into health mode with my settings already applied. few attempts of doing this didnt work. i did perform the exact steps you mentioned @TheHundredthIdiot by putting it into health mode and change the setting one at a time while in health mode worked straight away. finally it times out within 40 seconds. was annoying that the default setting was 4 minutes and i couldnt apply the setting.

i did make another change while in health test to my motion retrigger and that worked like a charm.

i havent tried making more than one change while in the health test. i did order a few more trisensors that were on sale. i can put those into a health test and make more than one change unless you havent tested that @TheHundredthIdiot ?

thanks for your help @TheHundredthIdiot. the timeout setting was driving me nuts.


Hi, I had to place sensor into health check and then make the setting changes, one at a time, allowing a pause between each setting change. Allow the health check to complete and settings were retained.

Other routes may work also but this consistently worked for me.

Good luck… :+1:

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@TheHundredthIdiot I did exactly that. tested the 1 change i made to confirm it worked. then waited a minute or so before i applied the next change. the health test seems to be the most reliable way for me to apply the settings to the trisensor for me. i honestly thought i had a faulty trisensor at one point as it was brand new.

now to turn off that green led :slight_smile:

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Glad i found this thread, been trying to get my tri sensor to report LUX at 5min intervals rather than the useless 1hr interval, like above my settings have had no affect even after 24hrs

Will try the health check method next

only the health check worked for me when it came to updating the trisensor. i’m not sure if changing multiple settings and doing the health check works. i changed each setting one at a time. i set another trisensor up about a week or so ago and the health check to update my settings still works like a charm.

happy to mess around with the LUX setting on mine if you havent got yours to work yet.

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Thanks but finally all sorted, where i had it inside was a bit of a waste so it is now re purposed outside (under cover) and controls ext lighting, visitor lighting, LUX for indoor lighting and the usual Uk obsession for temperature = which coat to wear today

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I hope this thread is still active.

I have two Aeotec trisensors (with a few more to add). I’ve switched one of my two to the edge driver, and have been hit with a raft of problems:

  1. Not all of the settings listed here are available to me, My settings page skips everything between “Motion Sensitivity” and “10. LED Enable/Disable”
  2. I cannot seem to get settings to “take.” I’ve followed all of the suggestions from people in this thread (putting it in health check mode, waiting 24 hours, etc), but I cannot seem to get it to realize the changes. For instance, I have disable motion detection (I believe) but the motion detect LED happens once per minute.
  3. I cannot get the LUX sensor to fire on it’s own. I have to wake up the device, or do something else to get that to work – which is the main think I want this sensor to detect, btw.
  4. this one is very very odd, and for the life of me I cannot figure it out. All 3 sensors immediately report their status when I remove the back cover. I do not understand this at all. There’s no lead or trigger or anything I can tell that can alert the device that the back cover was removed. It’s not enough to flip the switch on the back cover, I have to physically take it off. It does this 100% of the time. Can someone here explain that?

Anyhow, that’s my grousing about this thing. Any suggestions or comments?