Aeotec TriSensor Lux settings - Smartthings

Hi All,

Apologies if this has been asked before, I have searched various forums but struggling to find a definitive answer.

I have Smartthings (Obviously), and have recently added an Aeotec Trisensor, to be able to use the Lux level for my automatic lighting, but I am struggling to get it too regularly update.

What are the best practices or known working options and configuration for these sensors? Anyone know? I see that the driver suggested seems to change quite a bit, so not sure if it’s a driver issue. It does report, but just not regularly. I have set it to report every 5 minutes on a change of 1 lux, but regularly get updates an hour or more apart with a change of like 10 lux or some such.

Also it always seems very low, considering the range available, the highest I have ever seen reported is about 50 lux?


May be worth checking the settings have actually synced to the sensor:

I have also found readings can seem a little low, in the past I have used the offset but for my use cases it is easier to just work with the range reported…

That’s interesting, as I also disabled all LEDs but they still seem to be working, at least some of them do anyway.

How do you check it’s synched? Any idea? I can obviously google also, but for ease and for others following the same problems, might be good to have here. lol.

:blush::blush: I was changing LED’s at the same time so syncing was visible as they turned off and changed colour!

Otherwise it’s just a case of observing the behaviour changes as requested…