Aeotec / Smartthings buttons stopped working

My Aeotec/Smartthings buttons suddenly stopped to function properly. I replaced the batteries, managed to reconnect them, but the response to a push is either nonexistent or extremely slow. Removing and reinserting the batteries temporarily solves the issue for a few minutes, but it reverts back to the previous behavior.

Been using both the official edge driver and the one from Mariano.

Hi @Nicki_Andersen ,

We have several of these buttons around our house, and they all are working very well. Pretty much immediate response from them.

When pressing the button, are you looking at the device in the mobile app and seeing the delay in reporting state of the Button (standby, pressed, held, etc.)?

If the button state is quick to respond, then it’s not the button. Check the device it’s trying to control. Are all your buttons behaving this way, and if you try to control the target device via the mobile app, is it slow to respond that way too?