Smartthings stopped responding to minimote buttons

Sometime in the last week or so, the actions I have set up for my Aeon minimotes stopped happening.
I have the Button Controller smart app set up to use the minimote to set Night and Home modes. In the phone app, I see the “button X was pressed” entry (twice, every time) on the “Recently” tab for the device, but the mode does not change.
I have gone through the settings of the Button Controller app to make sure they are set up right, and saved the settings. It has not made a difference.

mine seem to be working fine still. Did you try excluding it and re-including it? (unfortunately you’d have to re-do your button controller smart app configuration)

I just noticed that the button I have assigned to toggle a light on and off works fine. It’s just the buttons that are supposed to run Good Night and Good Morning that don’t do anything.
I can’t see how exclude/include would make a difference. The hub is obviously seeing the button pushes, because, as I said, they show up in the log.

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Depending on what hub you’re using, it could be related to this:

Same issue here… Four minimotes, all useless since a button now triggers two presses in smarthings.

We are looking into this issue.

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I noticed today that buttons (ST) and minimotes (Aeon) stopped working today. There was a hub update yesterday, but they worked after that. It appears that something is up with the Automations > Smartapp > Button Controller.

Another data point for this issue. The buttons sometimes do what they are supposed to. Usually, I can press the button repeatedly and it will eventually work.

Monday afternoon a change was made to address this. Are any of you still seeing an issue with your minimote?

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My minimotes have started working again.


Yes, working again here as well. Thank you!