Aeotec SmartThings Button Driver failure


Today added a SmartThings button (UK) which adds without issue but then will not present status and does not function. It appears to be using a local driver which the installation downloaded to my v2 hub, showing as placeholder in the IDE. On accessing in the app battery status briefly flashes on the screen before being replaced by two cloudX icons. Device shows multiple press/release/hold options to use in an automation rather than the press, double press and hold options expected too.

However there is absolutely no functionality and presses are not registered or shown actioning in the app.

I have another one of these that is still using the SmartSense Button, is not local, and is working without issue.

Is there a fault with the local, defaulted button driver? I have tried all the usual delete/repair/reboot options with no joy :frowning:

Hi @TheHundredthIdiot,

I don’t know if it has to do with the problem of the app, which shows capabilities without an updated value as offline.

If you want, can try my ST Zigbee Button Mc driver. It has the same functions as the stock one plus customization in temperature report preferences.

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Thankyou for the suggestion, I can report that this worked and the button functions without issue using your driver. Also, since switching to yours and swapping back to the stock driver both drivers now function. Strange a single re-pair using your driver re-invigorates the stock driver into action whereas multiple re-pairs and driver deletions with the stock driver only failed… must’ve jolted it into action somewhere along the line!

Many thanks for your help.


I’d recommend using MC drives as much as possible. I’ve used them since Edge was published almost a year ago and haven’t have any major issues ever since.


Raised this with Aeotec support in the first instance who came back slightly after @Mariano_Colmenarejo so I pointed them to this thread for solution. They believe there is an issue with the ST stock driver and have raised this with ST themselves as well as asking me to.

Aeotec & Community 10/10 :+1::+1:

So, raised this with… Forwarded them the Aeotec comms email trail that detailed the issue, the Aeotec support ticket number, this thread with a covering note with versions/hardware information ect. All I have had from them is a request for details of the fault as my original mail did not include any - with the original mail trail with all details included in thier request for details…

ST support score - the usual 0/10 :-1::-1:

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Hi @TheHundredthIdiot,

Regarding the operation of the button code, I don’t see much difference between the stock driver and mine, in fact that part is copied to 90% of the stock.

I see the difference in the battery configuration, the stock driver seems to me to have the percentage and battery voltage configuration mixed.

This device reports battery voltage only.

This may cause a configuration error.

Looking a little closer, it’s also missing the battery voltage attribute handler in the samjin subdriver.

This would also explain that once the battery is configured with my driver, the stock driver already work, since when you make a driver change in the app, the device configuration is not performed again and the one made with my driver is maintained.